Sunday, January 15, 2012

Knowledge is power...avoiding common toxins in food storage, cooking and drinking containers.

  1.  The PTFE in Teflon cooking pans releases toxic fumes and particles when used at high cooking temperatures. Consider switching to cast iron or a ceramic nonstick pan.
  2. Microwaving, harsh detergents, and prolonged contact with fatty foods and oils damage plastic containers, causing dangerous chemicals, like dioxins, to be released in food. For the same reason, avoid covering dishes with plastic wrap when heating food in the microwave. Consider replacing them with glass containers to store and reheat food.
  3. Plastic water bottles and the lining of canned foods may contain BPA, a potent chemical which can mimic estrogen. Consider using a stainless steel water bottle, glass baby bottles, and fresh or frozen instead of canned foods. If you must use a plastic bottle, look for one with the number 5 on the bottom.
  4. Styrene in styrofoam, according to the EPA, is a suspected carcinogen and toxic to the GI and respiratory system, and the kidneys. Even eggs packed in styrofoam absorb these toxins! Knowing this, you can easily avoid styrofoam plates, cups and containers.
      Source: THE HEALTHY HOME by Dr. Myron and Dave Wentz

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