Metabolic Testing

Metabolic testing is a revolutionary system for optimizing whole body health. Diet, as in whole foods, and nutritional supplements, are used to optimize the individual at the fundamental metabolic level, creating increased energy, weight loss, and greater resistance to disease.

The theory behind Metabolic Testing is that not all people respond the same way to the same foods and nutrients. Have you ever wondered why some people thrive on a vegetarian diet and others' health will start to decline? Have you ever felt confused by all the conflicting information out there about nutrition and the best way to eat? By addressing the individual at the metabolic level, we can maximize the digestion, absorption and utilization of all foods and nutrients, and, the optimal production and processing of energy.

Many diets claim to promote energy and weight loss, but they only work effectively in the long term if they are compatible with your Metabolic Type. This explains why one person can lose weight on a particular diet, while another person might gain weight on the same diet. Metabolic Testing is the missing link that explains why one person's food may literally be another person's poison.

Personally, I was able to lose weight, maintain the weight loss, and, reverse my osteoporosis by knowing my metabolic type. I have sustained energy, and enjoy a wide variety of whole foods-the ones that are best for my individual metabolism.

A series of simple tests, conducted over a 3 hour time frame, will determine your metabolic type, and unlock a world of excellent nutrition and health. Contact me, a certified personalized metabolic typing practitioner, for more information, or to schedule your Metabolic Assessment.

Reference: THE NUTRITION SOLUTION, Dr. Harold Kristal



After having my metabolic typing done with Janet, I have been able to change my eating habits to feel more efficient with what I am supposed to be eating to encourage my body to perform more optimally for energy and exercise purposes.  I have been able to increase healthy proteins and fats and find myself not second- guessing everything I am eating, according to the latest diet news!! The literature supporting this typing was extremely informative. 
Mindy G.