Sunday, January 29, 2012

Artificial Sweetner Makes Me Fat?

Here are 2 great reasons to give up diet soda and any food or drink with artificial sweetener (including those new "healthy weight loss shakes" with a 90 day challenge):

1. The sweet taste of artificial sweetener may trick the brain and result in a misguided insulin response, causing excess insulin to be released into the blood stream. Insulin is our fat storage hormone.

2. Artificial sweeteners are recognized as toxins by our body. Often the body walls off toxins in fat cells to protect itself. That translates into-more fat!

And, if you need just one more reason-we don't know the real long term effects of artificial sweeteners on our health. Names to look out for are Saccharin (Equal), Aspartame, and Sucralose (Splenda).

 Here are a couple of alternatives that I enjoy: Club soda with lemon and lime; Perrier with lime and a splash of pomegranate juice for an anti-oxidant  punch!

If you're looking for a healthy meal replacement shake, try Usana's Nutrimeal sweetened with natural fructose. Combined with fiber, protein and healthy fats, it's the perfect natural low-glycemic food.

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