Sunday, May 25, 2014

Has this ever happened to you?

The warm weather is here. I've been looking forward to wearing my favorite white slacks and strappy gold sandals for weeks now. With great anticipation I put them on, and in shock and disbelief, I realize they are way too tight to wear! Anger, frustration and disappointment rule the moment. I didn't really expand that much over the winter months....I couldn't have...

Determined I return to my previous summer body ASAP, I take my measurements, body fat, weight (I'm not a believer in the scale, so that alone shows you how desperate I was), and over the next few weeks I focus on losing weight. Talk about frustrated-this time it wasn't working! I pulled my favorite tricks out of my "weight loss" bag, with no significant results to show for my efforts. Well-I was being good most of the time, why wasn't I seeing the results? Was I finally "too old" to get the response I desired for my body?

THEN IT HIT ME....I WAS FOCUSED ON THE WRONG THING! I was focused on losing weight instead of focusing on GETTING HEALTHY! That realization changed everything for me. I forgot about the numbers and the excess roll around my abdomen and inches on my thighs. Instead I focused, moment by moment, on making choices that were good for my health. The stress disappeared (stress alone will make you hold onto weight).  Empowered and encouraged, I focused on the small, everyday changes that support long term health. Things like drinking a tall glass of water upon waking, eating small, healthy meals every 3 hours, choosing raw veggies instead of tortilla chips with my guacamole, and many other healthy habits. These small changes improved my feeling of well being, my attitude, and, ultimately I zipped up those favorite white summer slacks. Ahhhhh, sweet success.

If you can relate to this experience, please reach out to me, and let's engage in a conversation that can make the difference for you too.

Live your life in happiness and health,