Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stay Healthy in the Holiday Season

Did you know that 70% of your immunity is in your digestive system?'s the time of year for holiday cheer-often accompanied by over indulgence, stress, and lack of sleep. This is also the beginning of cold and flu season-do you think there's a correlation there?

Care for your immune system by drinking lots of pure water, and eating an anti-inflammatory diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Be sure to work in your "work outs" and exercise. Every little bit helps.

You may also consider taking extra care of your digestive system by using any or all of the following: high quality digestive enzymes, probiotics, fiber, and liver detox and support products.The immediate benefit is to help you feel more comfortable by reducing bloating and fullness. The long term benefits are many, including improved absorption of nutrients from your food, and improved immunity.
              Preview of Digestion and Detox Products
My personal choice for digestive products is the Usana Health Sciences line, which I've been using and recommending for 8 years. Find out more here, or contact me with your questions.

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